Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Dropping like flies!!

We had 14 people give their guess on when they thought Morris would arrive. One person gave 2 guesses...LOL. Currently 6 people have been wrong...including myself and Morris. Those guesses were Cavin-8/12/10; Me-8/23/10; Brandy-8/30/10; Cristen-8/30/10; Ceci-9/1/10; and Morris-9/1/10.
My Friend Cristen from work gave 2 guesses from the beginning. She wanted 8/30/10 as well as 9/6/10. She chose 9/6/10 b/c it was LABOR day. She thought it would be funny if I went into labor on Labor Day. She is crazy!
The next prediction is tomorrow 9/2 by my Aunt Cindy. Then we have a 2 day gap in which we will go to the doctor again and see how I have progressed. It is not too late to send me a guess or leave it in a comment on the blog. I will add you to the list.
Thanks to all who participated!


  1. Would you kill me if I said 9/8?? Ha! Maybe he'll come sooner than later, but that's my guess :)