Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Final Chapter in this Journey

When I began Big Bellies and Tiny Toes, I did so just for the pregnancy so that those who were not interested in all the bump pictures, etc would not have to see them. Well, this post will be the final post I make to this blog. At least until we have another child.....Just Kidding...Kinda. Anyway....

We PROUDLY welcome MORRIS WESLEY FORD IV to our family!
He was born September 3, 2010 at 10:04 PM at Brookwood Medical Center after 14 hours of labor.
He was born at 7lb 12oz and 20 3/4 inches long.

This is going to be a long post so if you are not interested in the details and just want to see pictures then scroll to the bottom.
Friday (9/3/10) started like any other Friday, I got up on time and we made Taylor something special for breakfast...Cinnamon Rolls. While sitting in the Kitchen relaxing with Morris I had my first contraction of the day, at 5:56 AM. I really didn't think much of it other than that is the first time I have had one before 10 AM. I started messing with the laundry and had my second contraction at 6:06 AM. The contractions progressed to 7 minutes apart by the time we left the house. We left late b/c we decided to go ahead and pack our hospital bags and load the car. By the time we got Taylor to school my contractions were 5 minutes apart. We started thinking that Today could be the day! We got to our doctors appointment at 8:30 and agreed we would not tell him about the contractions unless i was 5+ CM dilated. We went through the appointment as usual and I was only 3 CM dilated but I was 80% effaced. So we left the appointment and went to chick-fil-a for our usual "after doctor" breakfast. We then headed to Morris' office so he could wrap up a few loose ends and I could relax. At this point my contractions are 3 minutes apart. Around noon we left and went to Buy Buy Baby to purchase a few things and walk around. After we went to Sams to loiter. Through out the day I was checking in with Mom to ask her resident OB nurse (Bonnie) about what I was feeling and what I should do. At this point Bonnie suggested I go eat lunch...a spicy burrito to be exact. So I did. About 30 minutes after eating that my contractions got more intense...not painful yet but stronger. Around 2:30 Morris started to get really nervous and was insistent that we go to the hospital. I called the Dr. that was on call and let him know I was coming. We checked in at Brookwood at 3:00 PM. After being examined I was still only 4 CM dilated but 100% effaced. We talked with our Nurse, Shelly, and she suggested that I walk the halls for 30 minutes and be rechecked. We did this 2 times, 30 minutes walking 15 minutes being monitored, for a total of 90 minutes. After this I was 5 CM dilated. At this point we made the decision to have Dr. S (the Dr. on Call, not my usual Dr.) to break my water. After he broke my water it took 3 hours for me to go from 5cm to 7cm and then 1 hour to delivery of Morris. Unfortunately I lost Nurse Shelly an hour before Morris was born (she had worked the max hours she was allowed to work). She was the best nurse I could have ever had and she acted like a true midwife to me. She loved my birth plan and was extremely supportive. Dr. S was also AMAZING! He was truly supportive and adapted to what I needed in order to achieve my goal.
Most of you knew my birth plan. Despite 14 hours of labor, with the support and encouragement of Morris, I was able to deliver our son with no medication as we had planned. Yes, it was hard; Yes, it was exhausting and Yes, it hurt. The 2 most common questions I get are: 1)Was it worth it....ABSOLUTELY and 2) Would I do it this way again if we had another child...MOST DEFINITELY.
Below are some pictures from the Labor and of Morris:

The best nurse ever! Shelly was absolutely amazing!

Finding relief on the birthing ball through CM 5, 6, 7, and 8. Morris is the best Birthing Partner!

He even let Shelly take this picture!

Getting wiped off and checked for just a minute before given back to me

Loving on our sweet baby boy!

Going to our room:

Taylor meets her Baby Brother!

A very proud and exhausted Daddy!!

So that concludes the Pregnancy Journey! To continue to follow Morris and his Sister Taylor go to our Family blog

Friday, September 3, 2010

39 weeks!!!

Today we went in for our 39 week appointment. Let me start by saying I did not sleep well due to discomfort and I kept waking from dreams about my water breaking. I was up for the day by 5:45 and Morris and Taylor had made muffins. Yum! At 5:56AM I had my first contraction. The Second at 6:06 AM. We then started to get ready and decided to go ahead and pack everything up as if we were not coming home. I continued to have contractions but was not taking the time to measure them. Our appointment was 8:45 so we dropped Taylor at school and headed to the hospital. My weight was good but my Blood Pressure was high...131/84. Morris' heart rate was hard to find but sounded good when we found it. He has his back on my left side of my belly and is head down.  *Pause for contraction* Then the doctor came in to check me. He said immediately that I was sitting on go at a solid 3cm dilated and 80% effaced. He asked if I was having contractions and I said yes. I did however fail to mention that they were 5 minutes apart starting at 7:30. We left the hospital and ran to Chick-fil-a for breakfast. My contractions have progressed some. They are more intense and are now closer to 3min apart. I would like to stay away from the hospital as long as I can, but I think I am making Morris very nervous. I just want to make sure this is true labor and not just a false alarm. 

We did hang the planes in the nursery last night and I love the way they turned out. When I get home I will take a picture and post it. Also, I will take my picture then as well, unless we go to the hospital to stay.
Please be praying for us and Morris. Pray that this is a safe delivery and that Morris is strong and Healthy! We know that he will come whenever God is ready for us to meet him.  For Now...

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Dropping like flies!!

We had 14 people give their guess on when they thought Morris would arrive. One person gave 2 guesses...LOL. Currently 6 people have been wrong...including myself and Morris. Those guesses were Cavin-8/12/10; Me-8/23/10; Brandy-8/30/10; Cristen-8/30/10; Ceci-9/1/10; and Morris-9/1/10.
My Friend Cristen from work gave 2 guesses from the beginning. She wanted 8/30/10 as well as 9/6/10. She chose 9/6/10 b/c it was LABOR day. She thought it would be funny if I went into labor on Labor Day. She is crazy!
The next prediction is tomorrow 9/2 by my Aunt Cindy. Then we have a 2 day gap in which we will go to the doctor again and see how I have progressed. It is not too late to send me a guess or leave it in a comment on the blog. I will add you to the list.
Thanks to all who participated!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

38 Week Dr Appt Details

I just realized that I didn't post the details from my Dr. Appt other than the Shocker post! I guess I was in such shock I forgot! Anyway....Morris' heart rate was 131 and my blood pressure was 103/78. I did find that pound that I had lost last week but over all I have gained less with this pregnancy and my Bump is measuring right on schedule.
After my exam, Dr. R did tell us it could happen any day now and that he would be surprised if I had not delivered by Friday (9/3/10). It is 4 days later and still nothing so I am thinking this was his way to get me anxious. He did try to go ahead and plan an induction for 9/7/10 but I refused. He gave me that look...but said "ok we can wait". I need to be at least 40 weeks before I will consider an induction and really there would need to be a medical reason for doing so. Morris and I are extremely anxious now so it has been harder these past few days b/c with every Practice contraction we wonder if this is it. I just keep telling myself that "Good Things Come To Those Who Wait".

Monday, August 30, 2010

Weekend Update

Friday we left Birmingham at 10 headed to Valdosta, GA. We got in there around 4:30, dressed and headed to the rehearsal at 5:30. I had quite a few contractions in the car but they were really spaced out and no big deal. Saturday we slept in and were lazy most of the day. We were at the church by 3:00 and I stayed put in a seat for most of the activities. We left the reception around 10:30 and headed back to the hotel to rest. I only had 2 or 3 contractions on that day. Sunday we got up early and headed home. We were both eager to get back to Birmingham and see Taylor. At 12:00 I had my first contraction, then again at 1:00, 1:30, and 1:45. We were back to our house by 1:30. The contractions continued to be 15 to 30 minutes apart until about 8:30 and then they stopped. I was able to get a really good nights rest and got up and headed to work. Every ones prayers were answered and we did not have a GA baby! Now he can come whenever he is good and ready! Thank you to all who thought about us and prayed for us this weekend! We truly could feel your love while we were gone!

Friday, August 27, 2010

38 Week Doctor Shocker!

Morris and I knew going into this appointment that I was going to be high and tight with no worries. We knew we would be going full term. Boy were we WRONG!!! Dr. R said that I was 2cm dilated and it could be any day now. He said he would be surprised if I didn't deliver by Friday (9/3)!!! This was not what we were expecting. We both went into panic mode but after saying a prayer I think we have calmed down a bit and are proceeding with the weekend!

Everyone please pray that we make it back to Birmingham before having this baby!

Week 38...You did what??

So as I meantioned last week we were able to borrow a 12 foot ladder to finish the big work on the nursery. Here is what we have done: Saturday we installed the fan and starged hanging the clouds. Sunday we were able to finish the clouds, Clean up the mess, put the furniture back in there, and hang the mirror. Needless to say we did not get a Sunday nap. Monday night I was able to complete one of the curtain panels! Then Wednesday night I finished the other Curtain Panel and we hung them! I am so pleased with how they turned out! Here are a few pictures of some of the things we have done in the room:

And that brings us to Friday...
The rule of thumb is that you should not travel far from your doctor in the last month of pregnancy. Well, what exactly does far mean??? Well, when  your first labor/delivery was only 3 hours and 5 minutes, far would probably be an hour. So basically I am confined to Birmingham until this baby is born. OOPS! I have broken that rule...but don't worry, I am extremely prepared. This weekend is the wedding of Morris' good friend John Mark and Morris is in the wedding. We are so excited about the wedding and of course would not miss it for the world. The rehearsal dinner is Friday night and wedding on Saturday.
Now is a good time to sit down.
The wedding is in VALDOSTA GA! Yes...6 hours away from Brookwood Hospital and Dr. R. I didn't exactly ask permission to go on this trip b/c I don't really care. Morris is in the wedding and I am not having this baby without him. If our son is going to be born this weekend then he will be born in Valdosta GA at South Georgia Medical Center and both his Mommy and Daddy will be present. Lord willing he will NOT be born this weekend. We are hoping to make it at least another week if not longer, but we are on God's time. When he comes, he comes. So with that said, I have my hospital bag with me, the carseat installed and directions to the hospital from every venue that we might possibly visit. I have already been asked, so I will just go ahead and answer a common question, Yes, John Mark is worth it. He and Morris have been friends for a long time and we adore Jamie! We are so pumped for them and can't wait to see them start their life together!

My 38 Week Bump:

Info on Friday's Dr. Appt Coming soon...