Tuesday, April 27, 2010

20 weeks! Half Way!

Week 20 flew by! We weren't prarticularly busy but had things we had to do. We started pricing Taylor's clothes for the Yard Sale on May 1st and we worked on several other projects as well (to include cleaing the nursery). It was a productive week which is good for this Early Nester!

My Belly has grown...But is it because of Morris? Let's see...
Morris is about 10.5 oz, 6.5 inches from head to bottom, and 10 inches from head to heal--the length of a banana. He is swallowing more these days, which is good practice for the digestive system.
My Bump picture...kinda looks like swallowed a cantelope!

On to the down hill side of it!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Almost Half Way There! 19 weeks

Created 4/16/2010
Week 19 was a busy week....see HERE. That post is full of information about our doctors appointment and a few other activities for the week so I won't repeat it. We did go shopping on Tuesday but were very good and only bought one thing....this:

How fitting is that! A little soccer romper! I couldn't resist it.

Then we dropped by Morris' work and Julie gave us this:

How sweet! It is reversible...that is why there are 2 pictures.

Taylor is really excited about her brother. She has started associating his name to him. If you ask her if his name is Owen she will say "Nooooo.....Morris". It is so precious!
How is Morris Growing?
He should be about 8oz now, about the size of a Mango. Permanent teeth buds are now forming and His arms and legs are now the right proportion to the rest of the body. The kidneys are continuing to make urine and the hair on his head is now sprouting.
My 19 week picture:

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Verdict is in and we are having a...........

Ok so I know it is cruel that I waited till today to make a post but Yesterday was an eventful day. My Neice Blair was born around 2:30 PM and we are very excited about her arrival! I will hopefully have more posts about her on our family blog in the next few days.

About the appointment yesterday. We got there at 9AM and went back around 9:15. The ultrasound nurse was one of my favorite so I was excited to have her for this Big Ultrasound. She made us wait until the very end to find out but that just built the excitement. We told her at the beginning that Mine, Morris and My Mom's gut feelings were Boy. So the nurse was excited to find out too.
First we will go over the measurments:
Heartbeat: 148 bpm
Baby Weight: 10oz
Baby was very active! We barely got the bpm b/c the baby would not stop moving! It was a crack up!
Here are a few Awesome pictures that we got!
Precious Profile:
Crossed Feet: so cute!
This is one of my favorite! We were looking at the baby and all of a sudden this beautiful hand popped up! It was do clear and sweet! I was so glad was able to get a picture of it!

Now for the part we have all been waiting for! Baby cooperated really well and the nurse said she would quit her job if this baby wasn't what she told us! Below is the Ultrasound picture to show us that...........


We have already picked a name:


We got the nurse to get one last picture and put our baby Boy's Name on it. He had decided to roll on his tummy and rest so we got this neat shot of his spine!

We are so Thrilled and Blessed to be having a Baby Boy!
I spent most of the day in shock that we were really having a boy! We went browsing at several stores to look at little boy stuff just to try to help if sink in! It was fun telling Taylor all about her little brother. We are in the process of teaching her his name....she says it really well and it sounds so cute. Our biggest obstical is getting her to realize that not all baby boys are named Owen. Owen is her friend Sadie's baby brother and we have used Owen for the past few weeks as an example of a baby brother. I guess she will catch on eventually. But for now it is really cute, sweet and funny!

Thank you all for sharing in this exciting day! I hope you will continue to check back as we progress through this Journey.

Monday, April 12, 2010

What did you guess?

The BIG Ultrasound is fast approching and I would really like to know who guessed on our gender poll and what you guessed. I will tell you my vote, I voted for a Boy. My original gut feeling from day one was a boy. However, now that the ultrasound is like...tomorrow...I am starting to waffle between the 2. One minute it is a Boy and the next minute it is a Girl! Who knows! Thank goodness we find out tomorrow!

Anyway...Please comment on this post or send me an email and let me know if you voted for a boy or girl and even if you didn't vote on the poll, I would like to know your gut feeling. :)

Saturday, April 10, 2010

18 gone!

We are just a few days from finding out what the gender of our baby is and we are SOOO excited! Sunday of this week was Easter, which is always fun. We even painted Taylor's Toe Nails! Other than that the week was pretty calm.

Our little one is nearly half a pound now and very human looking. Pads are forming on the fingertips and toes, and the eyes are looking forward rather than out the sides of the head.
My 18 week bump picture:

Stay tuned for our Gender Post!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

New Milestone

I meant to post this with my 17 week post but totally forgot. On Good Friday when Mom, Taylor and I were out shopping we stopped at Honey Baked Ham to pick up some good eats. When I was at the check out the young girl behind the counter said "So when is your baby due?" I almost fell out in the floor! I laughed and said "Thank you for being the first stranger to ask me that! I am due in September!" The older lady next to her started dying laughing and so did half the line. I guess it is more of a big deal to me than anyone else but it made me feel like I was officially Preggo. HeHe! Since then I have had 5 or 6 more strangers ask me.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

17 weeks Down and 23 to go!

I can't believe 17 weeks are over! Time is really flying by! This week was pretty busy! I felt the baby move for the first time at the beginning of the week and s/he hasn't stopped since! We had swim lessons for Taylor everyday and I had my first Stella & Dot trunk show! So I processed orders for that most of the week. Friday was Good Friday and I had the day off, but that did not mean a day of rest for me. Taylor had the day off too! We spend the morning playing together and then MamaZan came and got us. We had mexican for lunch and then went shopping before going to a visitation for a dear friend's mom. After, we did a little more shopping and then went to swimming lessons and chick-fil-aPlay (that is what Taylor calls it). I am hoping that week 18 isn't quite as busy!

How is baby Growing?
While my week was busy, it wasn't quite as busy for the baby!
Your baby is forming brown fat deposits under his or her skin, by the end of pregnancy this will account for 2-6% of their total body weight. This will help them maintain their body temperature when they are born. The baby weighs in at about 5 ounces (142 grams). This means that the baby now weighs more than the placenta. No new structures have formed.
I know that it appears that we have made NO progress in the Nursery but really we have. The progress starts in the Attic. We are cleaning it out! there will be nothing left in there by the end of April. This will help us get started on the construction up there. My plan is to also find the Double bed that is in this room and get it out by the first week in May. That bed will go in Taylor's room as her big girl bed. Also we find out the Gender of our baby in less than a week so we will definitely be motivated by that!

17 Week Bump Picture:
See you next week!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Sweetness from Morris

*****UPDATE BELOW*****

Ok so I had my first preggo emotional breakdown last night/this morning. You know what kind of breakdown I am talking about? The kind where you get depressed and cry over the biggest small thing! Well my trigger was over a maternity top! I know! How stupid!? But this is the story. I found this top on babysteals.com months ago, before I got pregnant. So I didn't buy it. Well, now I want it really bad! So I emailed babysteals to find out what the brand was b/c I couldn't remember. They replied really quickly with the information and I went on a hunt for it. I found it on several websites but it was anywhere from $58 to $68. Morris and I are on a TIGHT budget so spending that kind of money on a maternity top was just not an option! Then I hit my big break! I found the top in Blue on clearance for $25. The website said they had 5 left. So I acted quickly and placed my order. I was pumped! Then...Here it comes! Last night I got an email from the website saying that "They no longer had the top and they apologize for not getting it off the website sooner. Was there another top I wanted? If not, they would just cancel the order." Can you feel my immediate devastation!? I emailed them back and asked if they had the top in any other color that they could send me. I am waiting for their reply to see if they will send me any shirt I want for that price. If not then I have to give up my dream shirt. Morris has tried desperately to console me over the situation. He knew how badly I wanted the shirt and was pretty proud of me for getting it at such a discount! But I told him over and over again that there was no way I could bring myself to pay full price for it. Until....

I got in the car this morning and found this:

I am not sure if you can read the note but it says "Even if they say they have to cancel your order, go ahead and get the shirt. Love you Morris" The $50 came from his secret stash of money!

Ok you can say AWWW at any time! Of course he laughed at me when I called to thank him....crying!

I have the best Man in the world!

Saturday Morris and I got home from running some errand with Taylor and I checked the mail like I always do. Well there was a large package stuffed in our mail box. I pulled it out only to discover it was my SHIRT! I took it inside and tore it open and they had sent me the shirt I ordered in Black. I can do black! I was so pumped and they only charged me the $25 that I thought I was spending on a Blue shirt! YEAH! I have already worn it! HeHe! I wore it Sunday night to go visit my Brother and Sister-in-law. I love it!